Everyone works. Nothing is free. Everyone starts at the bottom.

“Blessed are the martial arts teachers who shepherd their students with generosity of wisdom, never allowing an absence of spirt while encouraging compassion. Thus creating an honorable you.”

                                                                                                 – Joseph Kelljchian

United States of America Goju Federation (USAGF) Karate

United States of America Goju Federation (USAGF) karate is a style of Goju Karate developed by Master Joseph Kelljchian, 10th degree black belt. Goju karate has been carefully handed down three generations from Okinawa, Japan.

The word karate originates from two words: “kara” which means empty and “te” which means hand. Karate is an “empty hand” form of self-defense.

The word Goju is a combination of  “Go” which means hard and “Ju” which means soft.  Like the elements of the world we live in, Goju is both hard and soft. For example, we are soothed by the softness of the candles glow, yet the same element of fire can completely devastate an entire forest. The gentle patter of rain on a window can put us to sleep, while the relentless rains of a hurricane can topple the strongest buildings. Each of these elements has the properties of hard and soft, yet it is still the same element.

Our sensei (teacher) shows us how to harness these elements that are within each of us. We are taught how to be soft when softness is called for and hard when it is required. Most of all, we are taught discipline and courtesy. Without discipline there is no control, and without control, we are no better off then those who would attack us. Courtesy is our backbone and it is upheld to the highest.

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