Sensei means teacher or one who comes before. It has been said that a teacher does not choose the student, but rather the student chooses the teacher.

Sensei Walter Schmalenberger is the chief instructor at the Peachtree City, GA dojo.  He has been involved in the martial arts from the early age of 15.  He was promoted to 1st degree back belt (Shodan) by his Sensei Kevin Knickbocker .  He currently holds the rank of 3rd degree (Sandan) black belt.  When he was promoted to 2nd degree (Nidan) black belt , he was given the name Tsunami. When Sensei Walter was a brown belt, his Sensei had to move to California, and Sensei Walter took over at the Peachtree City dojo.  Because Sensei Knickerbocker was so far away, he continued much of his training Master Joseph Kelljchian, the Grand Master of the system.  He is proficient in all aspects of the system, fighting, kata, weapons and self defense. Sensei Walter has taught hundreds of student in his career, plus seminars related to self defense and rape awareness. He has competed in many tournaments with outstanding results. He has promoted many black belts during his career. What he emphasizes in his teaching is to train people not fight, if you can get out of the situation , that’s what you do. He is a firm believer in the three rules of the dojo,  everyone works, nothing is free, everyone starts at the bottom. It not only relates to karate, but life itself.

Walter Schmalenberger

Sensei “Tsunami”

3rd Dan

Christiana Muntzel

Sensei “Driven Storm”

2nd Dan

My karate history begins at age 8, when a karate instructor showed up at a neighborhood church and started a dojo. He promised to stay until everyone in the class was a black belt. Unfortunately he left after 6 months and I’d only made it to white belt with one stripe. My karate career was put on hold until 2001, when a friend encouraged me to join the adult class in PTC being taught by Sensei Walter (and Sensei Rick) while Sensei Knickerbocker was in the process of moving to California. I was looking for a way to improve fitness and confidence as well as  learn self defense, so I signed up and started again from scratch as a white belt with zero stripes. I was hooked. I trained under Sensei Walter and moved up through the ranks until I was promoted to black belt in 2010; at that point I remained a student but also became a teacher, and was privileged to assist Sensei Walter.  I continued to train and was promoted to Nidan in 2015, at which point Sensei Walter gave me the name Driven Storm.

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